Advice Process

We collaborate with you, our client, to help you make informed financial decisions so that you can achieve your goals and objectives and ease through each of life’s financial stages.

Our focus, first and every time, is you, our client.

Identify Your Goals and Objectives

As we work with individuals and families we expect them to take ownership of their goals and objectives. The initial collaboration requires that you work through a worksheet so that we can understand you and your needs.

Identify and Balance Risk Exposure

Investment risk cannot be avoided but can be managed within the asset allocation process. MST’s collaboration process requires you to complete a risk profiling questionnaire. We use your responses to help set the parameters for our advice to you.

Setting and Implementing a Portfolio Plan

We strive to deliver financial advice that provide simplicity, transparency and direct ownership of assets. All advice is in writing to you. We talk to you about the advice in plain English.

Manage and Report on Your Financial Plan

Our primary focus is you and ensuring you are informed, in control of your tomorrow and how to get there. Our portfolio service includes regular reporting and meeting with you.