Advice Process

We use a three step process in developing you advice.

Identify goals & objectives

As we work with individuals and families, we expect them to take ownership of their goals and objectives. The initial collaboration requires that you work through a worksheet so that we can understand you and your needs.

Balancing risk & exposure

Investment risk cannot be avoided but can be managed within the asset allocation process. MST’s collaboration process asks you to complete a risk profiling questionnaire. We use your responses to help determine our advice for you.

Implementing a portfolio plan

We strive to deliver financial advice that provide simplicity, transparency and direct ownership of assets. All advice is in writing to you. We talk to you about the advice in plain English. We regularly report on the outcomes of the advice and revise plans.


What will your advice cover?

We can prepare comprehensive advice statements or advice limited to your specific needs. These include investment management, asset strategies, family financial structures, superannuation, retirement and assisted living arrangements, estate planning, and applying for Centrelink benefits. There is more information on our Services page.

Why is your advice appropriate for me?

We start with determining your financial objectives. We then assess your risk profile through a questionnaire. This helps inform us about your attitude to different investment types and find the right balance between growth and defensive assets. With each recommendation we also provide reasoning for why it is appropriate specifically for you. We also discuss the alternatives.

What are the risks of your advice?

All investing carries some risk. Our Statement of Advice will break down the different risks for each investment type and describe how they can affect your wealth. For example, for an investment portfolio of shares supported by a loan, we discuss the effect of interest rates, adverse market movements, and more.

What are the costs & fees of the advice?

We are a fee-for-service firm and charge for the time required to prepare and implement your advice. Our Statement of Advice sets out our fees in a clear and transparent way. Each year we also provide you an Annual Fee Disclosure Statement, which sets out the services you were entitled to receive, and what you actually received.

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