Wealth Management Strategy

All investing carries risk. We help manage this risk by allocating your capital between defensive and growth assets based on your preferences.

MST’s investment strategies and recommended asset portfolios are based on the principles of transparency, simplicity and direct ownership of assets wherever possible. MST also incorporates the principles of responsible investing in portfolio development.

When developing client portfolios, MST researches all of the assets recommended to form part of your asset portfolio. MST looks to Australian shares, fixed interest investments, real estate, commodities and other asset classes to help develop a dynamic asset portfolio.

A modern networked world has many risks. MST advocates simplicity transparency and ownership of direct assets wherever possible. This assists in minimising the middle man risk that comes from investing through fund managers. $37 billion of investor funds have been lost through fund managers during 2006 – 2013.

Asset portfolios are structured with parameters in mind. Asset portfolios are also structured for tax efficiency. Tax efficiency is achieved by structuring your asset portfolios to maximise net tax positions in compliance with current Australian tax laws.

Financial markets evolve and change. The time since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has brought much uncertainty to financial markets. MST responds by designing a dynamic investment portfolio flexible to change as circumstances dictate. MST looks to the future, not the past for successful investment portfolios that meet longer term needs.

Securing asset portfolios over the longer term sets a parameter in that return of capital is often more important than return on capital. MST’s management assists in preserving asset portfolios for long periods of time, taking into account the impact of inflation. MST’s management also assists in times of market crisis to help limit the potential losses. Avoiding losses in difficult times can mean higher average returns over the life of the asset portfolio.

Our Statements of Advice (SOA)

Each statement is prepared specifically for you and each component discussed in detail.

  • Personal circumstances
  • Assets & liabilities
  • Risk profile
  • Our advice
  • How our advice is in your best interests
  • Portfolio cashflow
  • Alternative structures
  • Portfolio outcomes
  • Costs

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