MST Advisors

At MST Advisors we work with individuals and families to manage, secure and multiply their wealth portfolios responsibly and ethically.

Investment Management

We develop and manage your capital in portfolios where assets support the investment principles of direct, simple and transparent.

Asset Strategy

We develop both short and long term strategies and plans to help you work towards achieving your objectives.

Family Structures

We help develop structures to protect and grow family assets across generations.


We assist in managing your retirement capital in ways that let you maintain your lifestyle into the future.

Retirement & Assisted Living

Retirement has different phases. Each phase brings with it is own concerns and costs that need to be addressed. We work with you to manage each phase to meet your objectives.

Estate Planning

We help you document your legacy and ensure your wishes are carried out.

Our Advice Process

We use a three step process in developing you advice: identify your goals & objectives,  find the right balance between investment risk and exposure, and implement a portfolio plan. 

Our Wealth Management Strategy

MST’s investment strategies and recommended asset portfolios are based on the principles of transparency, simplicity and direct ownership of assets wherever possible.

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Looking For Help With Taxes?

MST also provides comprehensive accounting services for individuals, business, & investments.

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You can meet with us in our Wollongong office or most major cities. Or we can video conference using Zoom, Teams or Skype.

We're open Monday to Friday 8:45am - 5:15pm, and Saturday by appointment.